Short Curly Hair Dog Breeds

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Short Curly Hair Dog Breeds. Short-hair dog breeds have fewer grooming needs, and their short fur is easier to clean up than dogs with long coats. What are all the Curly Haired Dog Breeds?

Dog Coat Colour Genetics
Dog Coat Colour Genetics (Luis Harmon)

Dogs with curly coats have thick, tight, wavy hair – rather like David Hasselhoff. Curly-haired dog should be brushed at least once a day which means you need to have a brush or two on hand. Looking for a dog breed with a minimal-shedding coat and great-looking curls?

You are in luck because there are many, many small breed dogs that just might make the perfect companion sans the grooming.

Most people are familiar with the basic dog coats – long and short.

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Cons – Although this is one of the best short hair dog breeds, they do shed quite a bit. Here you will find a list of curly coated dog breeds. Choose your ideal dog breed based on your lifestyle preferences.

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