Short Haired Jack Russell Dog

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Short Haired Jack Russell Dog. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated and can be any colour. Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with a BIG attitude.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies: Everything You Need to Know ...
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies: Everything You Need to Know … (Richard Owens)

The body length must be in proportion to the height, and it should present a compact A broken coat means the dog has a combination of both the smooth and rough coat with patches of longer hair mixed in with the short coat. We have two dogs from different litters. As A Jack Russell Puppy Owner I Will… The Jack Russell is an even tempered, people pleasing, fun to own dog.

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As Jack Russell's come with three different coat types, each of them requires different grooming.

A Jack Russell Terrier can make a wonderful addition to any home.

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Jack Russell Terrier dog is short, muscular with harsh hair.

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Jack Russell Terrier | Dogs | Breed Information | Omlet

Originally the Jack Russell was bred as a hunting dog. Jack Russell Terriers do make good first-time dogs for novice owners, providing they have enough The Jack Russell Terrier has an extremely high prey drive and will chase anything that moves which Shorter more interesting training sessions work a lot better than longer more repetitive ones because. Originally bred as a hunting dog, a Jack Russell's character is defined by stamina and determination.

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