Short Hair To Man Bun

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Short Hair To Man Bun. Man buns are an awesome way to style long hair. If the sides and back of your head are buzzed short, a top knot will look good.

How to get a man bun with (Short Hair) - YouTube
How to get a man bun with (Short Hair) – YouTube (Luke Burton)

Man buns can even be worn to work, that is if you keep them polished and put together. The first and foremost is conditioner, which Alternatively, a Top Knot variation of the Man Bun can be adorned by men with shorter hair. The hair is very short here because there is barely a bun in the back.

Although the majority of man buns are worn higher up on the head, you always have the alternative of rocking yours towards the back of the neck.

It is simply a bun hairstyle that is worn on the crown of the head or low at the nape or can even be customized according to one's likes and preferences.

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The goal of the modern man bun is to have a bun that's neat, controlled, and handsome. You can easily convert your old one to a bun. This is a partial updo that looks perfect for work.

Gray Hair No More