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Short Vs Medium Hair Cat. The care for these cats is generally pretty similar when it comes to looking after their health and well-being. If your cat seems to be longer than a 'short hair' but not quite a 'long hair', they just might be considered a medium hair.

Domestic Short Hair - Tiger - Medium - Adult - Female ...
Domestic Short Hair – Tiger – Medium – Adult – Female … (Mae Holmes)

If you don't know the breed of your cat, see if you can determine anything about his parentage. When a short-haired cat mates with a long-haired cat, the result will only be short-haired kittens. The Burmese, a medium-sized breed with a thick glossy coat, is related to the Siamese.

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The breed generally does not have any extreme features, so these cats will have round faces and round, tapered ear.

The Oriental Shorthair is a breed of domestic cat that is developed from and closely related to the Siamese cat.

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Long-haired cat's paw: Short-haired cat's paw: You can see in the long-haired cat's paw, there's that sudden sprout of long hair sticking out. The main reason people might be looking for a medium hair cat breed is aesthetics. If that sounds like the perfect match for your busy lifestyle, explore our list of shorthaired cat breeds below.

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